The most beautiful casino in Asia

The most beautiful casino in Asia

The most beautiful casino in Asia

The most beautiful casino in Asia

The most beautiful casino in Asia

Taking risks for those who like to take risks

Or those who come to experience once in a lifetime must visit the most beautiful decorated casino, Venetian, Macao,

which is a paradise for Asian gamblers .

And can be classified as the number 1 of Asia,

which is as large as 980,000 square meters, 40 floors high, within the building, there are hotels, casinos and shopping centers.

The restaurant is decorated similar to Venice, Italy, famous for its canals.

A sky that simulates an atmosphere similar to a model city. There is also a boating service.

And the ground floor of the casino is 50,700 square meters,

which has a total of 4 zones: Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix.

There are also 3,400 Slot Machies, tables for 900 gambling tables

It is a magnificent creation that should be visited once in a lifetime, which is not far from Thailand . But if anyone wants to try their luck without being able to fly to Macao

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