Path to become poker

Path to become poker

Path to become poker

Path to become poker

Path to become poker

If you like playing poker well, you can dream of quitting your current career.

There is also the freedom that you can choose your own playing time. Not to responsible for others.

When you have high ability, your income will be high from playing poker , whether it’s Live or Online, which if Online to practice skills before going to the casino or want to practice to correct any weaknesses or mistakes you’ve lost in the game? We have a UFAR88 website that will help you understand how to play poker.

ingeniously because this career also has a bad side, such as:

1. Variance because this career has variability, it can be divided into 2 types: 1. Financial variance. 2. Mood volatility. Of course, playing well has a lot of benefits. If you’re upset, it’s easy to lose the game.


2. It’s a difficult career to assess. If you don’t know what your win rate is. You will not be able to prepare for dealing with the Downswing period and unable to determine your income.


3. Capital, also known as Bankroll, to make you win long term. Because poker is a long-distance game and because at least you have to have money first
For NLH there should be 25-40 Buying of the room we want to play.
For PLO, there should be 60-80 Buying as the swing is quite high.
For MTT, there should be at least 100 Buying because it has to fight with many people to be able to enter the money .


4. Fatigue If you play it all the time, however, your passion for poker will decrease.

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