MIT Blackjack Team

MIT Blackjack Team

MIT Blackjack Team

MIT Blackjack Team

MIT Blackjack Team

Can we cheat gambling or not? The answer is that it can be done. Since gambling can make profits and losses, but losing money never happened to them.

The MIT Blackjack Team, they are a group of Harvard University students who have the ability to count numbers from the face.

Famous blackjack cards until being brought up to make a movie Blackjack 21.

Where they used to sweep up to $5 million in prize money from playing blackjack.

For the game of Blackjack requires a score that is as close to 21 as possible, which is a different game from other casinos. That is not using luck but it’s the hand picking every time that affects the points. Then it will change the number of cards remaining in the pile.

By their team using the principle of analyzing the cards that will come out to know what the next card will be which is the secret formula of counting cards that some people may think is not cheating but actually that for the casino is cheating.

This form of card counting is not that no one has ever done it.

Because no one has been as successful as this group of students which they always say they don’t gamble.

They just count the cards and don’t get caught.

The strategy of playing blackjack is that this group of students developed can be used with real results able to control everything.

Daily income up to $40k in 5 years they made $5 million and became a legend till now.

Blackjack Team is the best team in the history of the game which is still popular till nowadays.

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