Hia Long is Thai card player

Hia Long is Thai card player

Hia Long is Thai card player

Hia Long is Thai card player

Hia Long is Thai card player

Hia Long, a legendary card gambler in Thailand. In this article, we will take a look at card cheating.

In the Master of Cards of Hia Long’s formula used to play card games and create a minimum profit for himself one million a day.

Because this card master can actually make a profit from playing card games and is considered a master of Thailand’s cards as well.

You probably want to know the story and ideas of the card master.
What kind of thinking method does Hia Long use? What technique? Let’s see each other in the article below.

When Hia Long was young, he was only familiar with gambling games. From after school regularly, whether it is a card game, Rummy, Pok Deng, Pok Eight, Pok Nine, all types of card gambling games.

He knows all with a passion for card games.This made him learn to play card games. How to shuffle, deal cards, etc. How about card games?

Until now he is very famous in the card game industry.

He lives in Sukhothai Province, Sawankhalok City and also opened a gold shop of family business.

Age after success from card gambling games.

He is the one who never lost a bet but if counted in losing bets he said It’s just a strategy for playing according to the master card formula only. But it also returned enormously.

After the success of the gambling industry Hia Long thought it was time to take a break from playing permanently because he can’t play for the rest of my life. However, gambling has both gains and losses. Or known as being able to control yourself from playing all types of gambling games.

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