Billy Waters 80’s Gambler

Billy Waters 80's Gambler

Billy Waters 80’s Gambler

Billy Waters 80's Gambler

Billy Waters, 80’s Gambler

Going back to the late 80’s, He was a 3 decade consecutive winning gambler, reputed to be the most successful gambler of all time.

In addition, he is also a person with a distinctive identity. fun in the world of gambling.

By starting his first gambling then He began at the age of nine gambling on baseball during the 1955 World Series.

But was a hugely failed gambler back then. Until he was 30 years old, he continued to win.

Until his whole life His victory He won more than 1 million times in Las Vegas casinos. in the 80’s.

His way of playing was not just one game. They always play together.

He has won big by playing poker, blackjack and roulette in casino countless times.

After that he quit being a gambler. which throughout his life He received up to 3.2 billion baht.

His playing time when he was in the casino is a huge achievement because of his talent and skill in the game made him win everytime he played and after that he became to be a successful gambler of the century in the late 80s.

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